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Please bear with us custom orders have been keeping us excessively busy. If you wish to purchase one of my knives, please contact me on facebook, instagram, or through the contact card on here in the menu. I am still taking orders and i also offer gift cards for purchase. Check out the gallery of past builds in the menu. I am a Maker of fine knives. Striving for perfection one blade at a time. I specialize in damascus, but offer any stainless steel, tool steel, and all high carbon steels.

Damascus Collection

Look at this beauty!

Bowie san mai!

One of my favorite blades to make is a Bowie. They inspire all that is cool and exciting about bladesmithing, with some added nostalgia. Whether the construction is mono steel, san mai, go mai, or damascus - they all hold a special place in my heart.

It's a family affair.

A gentleman ordered this set for himself and his young daughter and son. What a joy this build was for me! Now the kids get to be just like Dad! Check out the leather work done by my wonderful wife at Neverland Leathers. She has added great value to my knives and is a consummate professional.

Fuck Cancer! Agreed....

These were built for a customer who wanted some inspiration for his wife, and a beautiful set of knives for the kitchen. I am happy to say she is doing really well!

Gift cards now available!!!!

Gift cards come in various denominations, and can be used to custom order the knife of someones dreams!

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About Us

My name is Gerry. I have been building blades for 10 years for myself, my friends, and in September 2020 I began full time Bladesmithing.

I began my journey full time when I had 32 blades on my list to build for customers. I registered with the American Bladesmithing Society as an apprentice, on my quest to become a Master Smith.

Slowly I invested more money in equipment to assist with becoming more efficient in filling backlogged orders. I honed my skills and embarked on what has been a very rewarding path. My background as a Welder, Welding Supervisor, and Certified Welding Inspector, certainly assisted with knowledge of metalurgy. I was at a point where i understood making knives and forging quite well, and decided it was time to take some courses with well credentialed fellow bladesmiths. This was the best money i ever spent. My efficiency and quality of finish improved drastically. I tapped in to many many years of experience for a very small price.

My shop space is not fancy, but the products that leave my doors certainly are. I take great joy in bringing dreams to reality. If you do not see what you want on my website, contact me and we will make it happen!

All the leather sheaths we sell are produced right here by my wonderful wife Sophie. She is an exceptional leather artist and owns Neverland Leathers. Her attention to detail and professionalism is second to none. Most clients are pleasantly surprised with the thickness of leather she uses, and the overall feeling of quality from her leather products. Like my knives, she creates truly one of a kind sheaths, meant to be passed down from generation to generation.